Broadside Face of a New Morning


I went to bed last night feeling low. I woke up this morning still feeling low.

It’s been with me for the past several weeks, this feeling of dragging a weight behind me. Last week was one of the most difficult weeks since Eric was born, and it was all because of situations at work. Some of it was dealing with new developments at the office, which seem to be better resolved now; some of it was dealing with a major mistake of mine that should never have happened. No details are necessary but, suffice it to say, it was a big one that had me beside myself for many days. It was not until Thursday, midday, that I was able to put it behind me. Given that the mistake was discovered on Monday, it made for a very long, laborious week. Thankfully, I did make it through relatively unscathed but it was not without much anxiety, stress and lost sleep.

This week has seemed better in terms of professional stress but my mood has continued to darken. I suppose it will go away with time.

I will be treating this blog as a natural word vomit from my head. Sometimes I may be introspective; other times I may be commenting on something I experienced. MAybe I’ll be opinionated and inflammatory, or perhaps I will be passive and nondescript. I don’t expect much traffic or attention, but I still would like a place to share my thoughts.


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