Weekend Warrior


This weekend should prove to be a busy one, although not as busy as I would have hoped. We have had to pull out of our plans to go down to DC on Sunday evening due to it being a work night. I am rather disappointed but I suppose it is a wiser decision for our well-beings. Oh well, such is life. The rest of the weekend will make up for that, though. Tonight we are catching the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie in 3D and tomorrow we have a rather full plate: MB gets her hair done in the afternoon and that evening we are headed to her 10th high school reunion. That much of it should be fun.

So, a little technophilia for those who care: last week I rooted my Droid X. I finally bit the bullet and took the dive and [insert other clever cliché here], downloading z4root and successfully achieving SU status. I removed a bunch of the bloatware that came preloaded on the phone and overclocked it t0 1.15GHz. Holy crap what a difference. It feels like a brand new phone. I have no desire to flash custom ROMs onto it, as I am happy with my standard OS and LauncherPro homescreen replacement. I have, however, installed a few app replacements that have made it even better.

One such replacement app is QuickPic, a gallery app that runs so much smoother than the stock Gallery app. The other app, which isn’t so much an improvement over the stock one but a necessity to enable LCD Density scaling on a rooted phone, is DialerOne, a replacement for the stock Dialer. For some reason, when you adjust the LCD density, the stock Android Dialer app crashes on launch every single time. DialerOne does not, so installing it and using it as my default dialer allows me to scale the LCD density and make better use of my screen real estate.

My only speed bump will come when Verizon finally pushes out the Gingerbread update for the Droid X. Now that I am rooted, I am not “eligible” for OTA updates. I will have to pursue looking for a rooted GB build or, perhaps more likely, unroot with z4root, update and then reroot. We shall see.

I am eagerly anticipating the summer. While MB is home, I hope to be able to have more time to walk Cody in the mornings. He has his post-surgery checkup on June 1st and I am hoping he is cleared for full activity then. I’d love to ramp up my own efforts to get more exercise while allowing Cody to finally expend the pent up energy he’s had since his first surgery and Eric’s birth. His knee is healing very well and this morning was his last dose of Cipro for his infected toe. Very much looking forward to a 100% healthy, pain-free pooch.

I should get back to work. This morning’s meeting didn’t involve a whole ton of things and my plate is fairly light today, though I do have some things to take care of. It is almost lunch time, so if I budget my time well, I should be nicely occupied until it’s time to leave for the weekend.


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