The Rapture came, saw and decided it just wasn’t worth the effort.

The world did not commence its 5-month slide into chaos, death and destruction as the fanatics prophesied, Animal Kingdom did not win the Preakness Stakes and Harold Camping woke up this morning and wondered what Jesus had in store for him before realizing it was just his octogenarian bladder emptying prematurely into his adult diaper. However, I did see Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides in 3D with MB. She loved the movie while I found it mildly entertaining. I enjoyed it but wouldn’t call it a great movie. After 4 movies in the series, everything is fairly predictable. It did make for a nice Friday evening, though.

Last night was MB’s 10-year reunion rom Catholic High. It was nice seeing all the faces I knew from when she was in school. I am the only guy still around from back then. That was a cool feeling, just like at my 10-year reunion last year; we are the only couple that has stayed together for so long.

This morning was amazing. The sun was shining through the windows, MB was sleeping soundly next to me and Eric was asleep on my chest. It truly felt amazing. Right now, as I’m typing, Eric is crawling back and forth across the bed, trying desperately to make a contribution to this post. I’ve had to delete several strings of consonants and vowels that have resulted from his playful grasps at my laptop.

My family shows me how very lucky I am every single day.


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