Never Stop Moving


What a weekend. I took Friday off work both to accompany MB and Eric to his urologist appointment and to simply be able to spend an even longer weekend with my family. After the debacle that was finding a parking spot and securing the appointment, the three of us sojourned down to the harbor for some lunch at the Cheesecake Factory. We sat outside, despite the heat, because the breeze off the water was fairly nice. The sun was incredibly intense, though, and afer lunch we found ourselves a lot more drained than we anticipated. On our way home, I received a text from my sister warning us of a police funeral that had 695 completely shut down. We intended to avoid the Beltway entirely, which we did, but the spillover traffic backed us up on 83 toward Falls Rd, so we cut off at Falls Rd back south and wound up joining some of MB’s coworkers for some food and drinks at TGIFriday’s. Fun times and a busy day.

Saturday brought about some breakfast, a bath for Cody and some shopping: Plaza Art Supply, lunch at Strapazza, Home Depot (with customer service that ran the gamut from exceedingly nice and helpful to ridiculously rude and inconsiderate), Fresh Market and Giant. We had to get supplies for our cookout the next day.

On Sunday, after breakfast, it was time to mow the lawn. Our neighbors three doors down mowed all of our lawns a couple weeks ago, and I felt it was in good spirit to return the favor. Our next door neighbors and two doors down are also rather awesome, so I took it upon myself to cut all 4 lawns. My only problem, more than the heat, was that my two mower batteries were not 100% charged, so I kept having to cycle them out to charge while the next battery fed the mower. In some areas, the grass was so thick it bogged down the motor entirely. 2 hours later I was done and inside, trying desperately to cool off. The temperature Sunday was in the upper 80s, so it was definitely hot. I had our laundry running throughout the day to stay ahead of things and to keep Monday free. After a quick store run, I showered and got the grill setup for our cookout. MB made her awesome burgers and we had a really good time. The problem was, after having such an active day, I didn’t sleep that well overnight.

Monday, we got up early with Eric and had some breakfast, getting out in the early afternoon to run to a couple stores. We had a rather disappointing kebab lunch at a local Kazakhstan-influenced place. There was a huge party of Russian family there and it was rather clear that those of us in the restaurant who weren’t in that party weren’t important to the wait staff. The temperature kept rising all day and at 5pm, my car’s exterior temperature sensor actually hit 100°. That is incredibly hot for the month of May. On our wayt home we got some Italian ice at Rita’s and had a loungy dinner in front of the TV.

Now, as I write this, I am sitting on the bed with Cody at my feet. Eric is asleep for the night and the AC/fan combination is working overtime to cool us off. I’m hoping to get to sleep soon and rest up for the short week. As I close, I keep thinking the samr thing:

There is no such thing as a long enough weekend.


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