Puttering About


Exhaustion seems to be the theme of the world lately. At least, my world. Sleep is always difficult to come by and there always seems to be something on my mind that prevents the sleep I do get from being at all restorative. Right now, I am taking a few moments to attempt to get some thoughts down before I have to run out for a Foundation meeting with my family to go over our annual giving for 2015. Hopefully there will be some time for me to crash afterwards. We shall see, though.

It’s a grey, wet day outside, and the lack of sunlight is definitely making any energy feel sapped away. I’m on my second cup of coffee, so the endorphins should be coursing soon enough, I hope.

I was actually fairly productive yesterday, which was a nice feeling. Getting things done usually elevates my mood a little bit, if only a touch. I also took a wild chance and wrote a letter to a favorite celebrity of mine after reading another one of his books. I don’t expect a response. I don’t really even expect that he’ll read it, but I had been wanting to put some thoughts down and send them off since I started reading that book, and it felt kind of good to attempt to open a discourse, even if its completion is nothing more than a pipe dream.

I also came back here, to try to turn this into more of an actual journal for me, and maybe give me something of an outlet, even if no one ever reads it.

I have about another 15 minutes before I need to hop up and head out. I don’t think I have that much more to add here, and I’d rather stop short than attempt to squeeze blood from a stone for words. Have a nice day.



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